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Continuing our new Five Minutes With... series, we caught up with Fran Callan, the head travelling groom for Trevor Breen. As part of her job, she looks after Hickstead megastar and reigning Equestrian.com Derby winner Adventure De Kannan...

Tell us about your job

I have been working for Trevor for 19 months. As head travelling groom, I oversee the day-to-day running of the yard at home and go to all of the shows with Trevor and the horses. This includes one-day shows right up to the long tours abroad we do at the start of the year. I am hardly ever at home! My job is to make sure the horses are at the ring on time and turned out to the highest standard for Trevor, and also to travel them to shows. This is a huge responsibility, especially when going abroad, as the travelling can involve up to three or four days on the road. Every horse has different needs and it is my job to make sure they are as happy and comfortable as possible when travelling, and arrive at each show firing on all cylinders.

What was your first impression of Adventure De Kannan?

Addy always has a smile on his face. The first day I met him I knew he was a star. He has the presence of a superhero, and he knows it! I love everything about this chap.

What is his character like?

Addy is the kindest horse I have ever met and always makes you smile. He has a huge trust in his team and I believe that helps him win. Whether it's in the morning when we go down to the yard to feed or when he is coming out of the ring, he always looks for you - or maybe just for his polos! He thrives on affection and never forgets Karen Swann, his owner - he loves it when she visits him! He is an easy horse to do everything with, he's laid back and a true gent. He's a real trier and when he does have a bad day you can tell he feels he let you down. We'd never feel let down though because he is our hero.

Has anything changed about him since he had an eye removed?

When Addy first had his eye removed, Trev says he tried to ride him differently to help him adapt but Addy didn't like it, he wanted to be ridden the way he always had been. Trevor changed his plan to his original one and they've gone from strength to strength. There was always that chance he would never jump again, at least not at 5* level, but he did.

How did you feel when Addy and Trevor won the Derby?

As a groom, it is terrifying when the horses are going into such an important class like the Derby. We put everything into this one class, blood, sweat and tears! Last year, everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong. He only came back from an injury six weeks before the Derby, then he was kicked by another horse the day before. It meant an all-nighter for me and the team, and it was so tricky because we knew we had to help Addy get a good night's rest but also we couldn't let him stiffen up after the kick, so he was iced and walked right up to the start of the class. Watching him was probably the most incredible feeling of my grooming career. I think I went through every emotion I could in the space of five minutes, and was incredibly proud. You put a lot of your own time, effort and energy into this job and it is unreal when you get something back. It gives you the drive you need and the determination to do it again!

How is Addy doing at the moment?

We have just got back from six weeks of competing in Spain, which we use as our start of the year set up. Trevor can pick and choose the shows Addy needs to go to, Addy knows his job by now. We have a bank at home but with Addy, you don't need to practise it lots. He knows when it's Derby time.

What is the best thing about your job?

My job is incredible. You form such a good bond with these horses, which is why when they win it means so much more. You see them improve and excel in the job they do. You get to travel to some lovely places, and working outside is a huge bonus. You are working with athletes that need you. You are the ones that help them be on their top form. I feel I am their support team and I enjoy every minute of helping them. Grooming at this level is tough, and you put a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy into this job. But when everything goes the way you want it, when you have those winning days, when you fulfil the plan you have aimed for, it's just unreal. Words can't really describe that feeling but it is why we do it. It's a team thing. I wouldn't change it for the world.